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The Classical Ideas Podcast

Jun 26, 2022

Brad Warner was born in Ohio, grew up in Africa, and lived in Japan for eleven years, where he got ordained as a Zen monk. He now resides in the Hipsterville part of Los Angeles. He began sitting zazen when he was eighteen years old under the instruction of Tim McCarthy and was made a dharma...

Jun 17, 2022

Dr. Avery-Natale specializes in race and racism, identity, social movements, and social theory. He is the author of the book, Ethics, Politics, and Anarcho-Punk Identifications: Punk and Anarchy in Philadelphia.

Jun 8, 2022

Dean Sluyter (pronounced slighter) has taught meditation and led workshops and retreats since 1970, at venues ranging from Ivy League colleges to maximum-security prisons. A grateful student of sages in several traditions, he has completed numerous retreats and pilgrimages in India, Tibet, Nepal, and the West. Dean’s...